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        Technological Innovation

        The lists of technological innovation of 3nh colorimeter have applied for national patent. Counterfeiting not allowed.

        Extended Measuring Aperture
        Extended measuring aperture can be used to not only measure the large surface, but also to perform color measurement on small surface, circular surface and concave surface.

        Camera for Locating
        Camera locating can accurately judge whether the tested part of an object is the target center. Through camera locating, you can operate the instrument easily. And also it will make the measurement more efficient and accurate.
        Optical Path for Locating  
        This is an illumination locating technology which can perform locating on the tested object which don’t need to add mechanical observe aperture or monitoring element.

        Auto White Calibration
        It’s an easy, simple and fast auto white calibration technology at startup which can escape from the traditional complex manual white and black calibration.

        Auto Switch SCE/SCE
        It’s an auto switch SCE/SCI technology which controlled by software and electronics.
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