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        TEL0086 133 5297 5870
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        0086 133 5297 5870

        After-Sale Service

        Service Hotline : 86-0755-26508999

        3nh provides users with high-quality and comprehensive pre-sale and after-sales services, regardless of any needs and problems for products and services, users will get the thoughtful and detailed help from 3nh customer service center. At the same time, the customer service center will categorize the user's feedback. If it can be handled by 3nh, 3nh will be responsible for solving the user's problem; if it belongs to the responsibility of 3nh authorized service agency, the customer service center will quickly contact the relevant authorized service agency to resolve the customer's Questions or answers.

        1. Warranty will be provided in case of the following circumstances. 3nh offers one year free maintenance service.

        This product is under warranty for 12 months from the purchase date. Customers must provide warranty card and valid proof of purchase.

        Warranty is only for the failures caused by the quality problem.

        2. Warranty will not be provided in case of the following circumstances. 3nh can offer paid repair service.

        Product failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, usage, maintenance and safekeeping .

        Product model and serial number are inconsistent with the products.

        No warranty card and valid proof of purchase.

        Out of warranty, but can continue to be used after being repaired.

        Damages caused by unauthorized disassembly and maintenance.

        Damages caused by unexpected factors or human factors.

        Damages caused by force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, etc.).

        * Note: 3nh reserves the final interpretation right to the warranty terms.

        Copyright ? 2023 Shenzhen Threenh Technology Co., Ltd., All Rights Reserved.
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