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        CR4501 Color Reader

        Home >> Products >> ColorReader >> CR4501 Color Reader

        CR4501 Color Reader

        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader
        CR4501 Color Reader

        CR4501 Color Reader


        The CR4501 color reader is developed by combining advanced color sensors with rich APP applications. It adopts the 45/0 (45 ring-shaped illumination, vertical viewing) geometric optical structure in line with CIE No.15,and realizes the integration of the micro color difference meter and the mobile phone color reader. It is commonly used for color difference quality control in plastic electronics, paint coatings, textile and garment printing and dyeing, ceramics and other industries. You can identify and find color cards through mobile phone APP and you can use it anytime and anywhere to capture color inspiration.


        Technical Advantages 

         1、Measurement precision Repeatability

        With repeatability less than or equal to 0.1 display accuracy 0.1, just you can get accurate color measurements with one click.

        Measurement precision Repeatability

        2、Contact automatic calibration

        Contact automatic whiteboard calibration is available, professional standard whiteboard reflectivity R%≥92%, good surface uniformity. It has high stability and can obtain repeated and accurate data.

        Contact automatic calibration

        3、Professional integrating sphere dual optical path design

        Professional advanced integrating sphere coating, dual optical path sensor and full-spectrum light source ensure the stability and accuracy of the measurement results.

        Professional integrating sphere dual optical path design

        4、Lightweight and portable

         Easily put it in your pocket, carry it with you, worry-free measurement.

        Lightweight and portable

        5、Rechargeable lithium battery

        Type-c interface, can do continuously tests for 12,000 times in a single full charge.

        Rechargeable lithium battery

        6、Higher Quality

        Using industrial-grade real-time processing MCU, Bluetooth interface 5.0 transmission is more stable and reliable.
        Higher Quality

        7、Diversified Data Display Modes

        The Color Reader CR4501 with APP can directly display the sample color value, color difference value, pass/fail result, color simulation, color deviation, reflectance and other data, which is convenient for viewing and greatly improves the user's work efficiency.

        8、Massive Color Card Database with You

        APP synchronizes mass storage,can quickly check color data, analyze and compare. Use the App to build your private color database in the cloud, without having to carry heavy color cards, you can use CR4501 to find the closest color among multiple color cards anytime and anywhere.

        Massive Color Card Database with You

         Technical Specification:

        Product Model CR4501(Basic version)
        Geometry 45/0(45 ring-shaped illumination, vertical viewing);
        Comply with CIE No.15,GB/T 3978,GB 2893,GB/T 18833,ISO7724-1,ASTM E1164,DIN5033 Teil7,GB 2893、GB/T 18833
        Features Basic version of spectrophotometer with universal Φ8 measuring aperture. Color Reader is used for color difference quality control in plastic electronics, paint   and coating, textile and garment printing and dyeing,ceramics and other industries; Easily put it in your pocket,    carry it with you.
        Lighting source Full spectrum LED light source
        Spectroscopic methods Light filter splitting
        Sensors CMOS dual optical path sensor
        Measurement wavelength    range 400~700nm
        Wavelength interval 10nm
        Measure the diameter Φ8mm
        Color space CIE LAB,LCh
        The color difference formula ΔE*ab
        Other chromaticity indexes /
        Angle of observer 10°
        Illumination D65
        Display /
        Measuring time about 1S
        Inter-instrument Error ΔE*00<0.5(BCRA II series 12 color bricks measured average)
        Stability of measurement Chromaticity value: ΔE*ab 0.1(After preheating and correction, the average value of the whiteboard is measured for 30 times at an interval of 5s)
        Multi-function smart button /
        Measurementre quirements /
        Display precision 0.01
        Size Ø30X100mm
        Weight about 88g
        Battery Lithium battery, can do tests continuously for 12000 times in a single full charge
        Illumination source life time More than 3 million measurementsin5 years
        Display 1.14inch-IPS Color LCD
        Interface Type C USB, bluetooth
        Store the data The device has no storage function and can be stored through the mobile APP
        Software support Andriod,IOS,Windows,Wechat small program,Hong meng, color cloud.
        Language Chinese, English
        Operating temperature range  0~40℃,0~85%RH(No condensation),Altitude:lower than 2000m
        Temperature range  -20~50℃,0~85%RH(No condensation)
        Standard accessories Data line,manual,calibration box SQCX quality management software,Color matching cloud Wechat applet,MOBCCS APP(download from the official website)
        Optional Accessories Mini printer
        Note: Technical parameters are for reference only, subject to actual instruments.

        Copyright ? 2023 Shenzhen Threenh Technology Co., Ltd., All Rights Reserved.
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